Local Landcare

Mid Lachlan Landcare supports four local groups within our district that are each focused on local issues and interests. Cranbury LandcareĀ is north of Canowindra centred around the Cranbury Church and Hall. Hovells Creek Landcare are located to the south east…

Our Projects

Mid Lachlan Landcare is currently involved in a number of different projects including sustainable grazing, threatened species monitoring, education, ecological restoration and connectivity conservation. Growing the Grazing RevolutionĀ is focused on assisting graziers to transition to sustainable and regenerative grazing practices…

Educational Tours

Mid Lachlan Landcare has a range of tours to suit HSC and university students studying Earth and Environmental Science, Agriculture or Food Technology. Tours can also be tailored to suit visiting Landcare or Farmer groups as well as Agency groups….

Project Updates

Monitoring the Round 2 Woodland Sites

Why every site is important!

Animals of Box Gum Grassy Woodlands

What can you do to help them?

Profitable Farming with Carbon

Profitable Farming with Carbon 9th March 2022.

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Community Box Gum Grassy Woodland Groundcover Plant Purchase

Let’s get these local groundcover species back into our farms and landscapes.

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Cowra Archibird photo competition 2021

Time to enter the Archibird Photo Competition

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