Dung Beetle project

We are excited to be working on a project to increase dung beetle awareness and also start to build up dung beetle numbers in our region of the winter active species Bubas bison.

We are hoping to help build on the great work already being done by Central Tablelands Landcare.

Latest Update

Have you seen these Dung Beetles on your farm? – 14th July 2020

Common Dung Beetles of Central Tablelands

Onthophagus vacca dung beetle coming to the region – October 2020

Story on the introduction of Onthophagus vacca into Australia – ABC News 23rd October

Diary of a Onthophagus vacca farmer – November 2020 – Project update

Expressions of interest now open for Bubas Bison breeding on your farm – February 2021

You might spot this beetle around your farm now – February 2021

Contact us to find out more.

This project has been made possible through funding from Central Tablelands Local Land services.

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