Onthophagus vacca dung beetle coming to the region

As part of our current dung beetle project we are excited to announce that our Local Landcare Coordinator is recieving this newly imported species of dung beetle to breed in an on-farm rearing site.

The Onthophagus vacca were introduced to Australia in the 1980’s but they failed to establish. It is anticipated that this new strain of beetle is expected to survive and reproduce better than the earlier strains. This beetle is expected to fill the Spring gap in activity that some areas currently have.

This trial for Mid Lachlan Landcare will give our coordinator training to then enable her to assist our other landholders who become involved in the on-farm rearing of the Bubas bison (Winter active beetle) in Autumn 2021. Many thanks to Sally Kirby from Central Tablelands Landcare for the assistance.

To find out more about the Onthophagus vacca you can check out the article produced by Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers ‘ New import for Australia, meet the beetle : Onthophagus vacca

Our on-farm rearing site set up and ready to breed some dung beetles

Beetles being released into the on-farm rearing site 9th October 2020

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