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Upcoming Events

Fungi of Box Gum Woodlands – Saturday 13th May – Cowra

Come and join us for a day of Fungi exploration and citizen science with Alison Pouliot. We are going to be visiting 2 sites and you are welcome to come to both or just one. Help us to gather more information around the Fungi that call Box Gum Grassy Woodlands home. The details to book your place are below:-

Cowra Morning Survey – 9am to 12pm

Cowra Afternoon Survey – 1pm-4pm

Photo : Tracee Burke

Fine Art and Fungi – Group Art Exhibition 29th April – 31st May – at Rosnay Organic

Fungi plays a critical role in nourishing soils, in healthy food and wine production and in contributing to biodiversity. It encompasses a kaleidoscope of aesthetic wonders for artists too.

Local artists have responded to science’s belated discovery of the third living KINGDOM on planet earth – FUNGI, and Mid Lachlan Landcare has coordinated an exhibition at Rosnay to support MYCOLOGY MAY – an accumulation of fungi related activities run by Central Tablelands Local Land Services.

Rosnay Cellar Door is open weekends from 10am to 4pm and weekdays by appointment. Don’t miss out on your chance to view this exhibition.

Photo : Tracee Burke


Case Studies

Mycology in May – A fresh approach to fungi – May 2022

Satellite Mapping for the Grazing Revolution Aug 2021

Misunderstood fungi essential to healthy ecosystems – July 2021

Dung Beetle Nurseries – June 2021

Value of Community – June 2020

Healthy horses healthy landscapes – August 2019

Compost Tea on Farm – June 2019

Education Tours take on local students’ needs March 2019

Farmer Wellbeing and Regenerative Farming – January 2019

Getting to know our Squirrel Gliders – October 2018

East meets West

Don’t Think, Know

Box Gum Woodland

Not enough Hollows to go Around

Woodland Stepping Stones

Grazing Management

January 2020 observations and the importance of groundcover

Zero Kill multi species cover cropping update April 2019

Autumn 2019 Observations

Zero kill multi species cover cropping for ground cover soil ecology and livestock March 2019

 Don’t Think, Know Case Study 2018

Farmer Wellbeing and Regenerative Farming Case Study 2018

Trailer film for our Regen Ag. bus tour to David Marsh at Boorowa and the Coughlan’s at Holbrook. Supported by Smart Farms Program.

Grazing Group Field Day (Increasing productivity by improving on-farm ecology) March 2013

Dung Beetle Field Day October 2013

Closed Season Grazing Management Field Day December 2013

Open/Growing Season Grazing Management Field Day April 2014

Coonabarabran Field Trip – Temperate legumes and tropical grasses @ Bob Freebairn’s

Grazing Management Field Day with Brian Wehlburg

Grazing Management Field Day with Dr. Terry McCosker

South East Local Land Services Grazing Management Project – Field Day with Dick Richardson

South East Local Land Services Grazing Management Project – Field Day with Dr. Terry McCosker and David Marsh

Threatened Species

Eucalyptus melliodora(Yellow Box) natural regeneration in a grazing paddock

Squirrel Glider Species Profile

Educational Tours

Pre-tour questions ‘Reading the Landscape

3 hour Basic Agenda

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