Kangarooby Catchment Landcare

Kangarooby Catchment Landcare is centred around the village of Gooloogong, 35 km north of Cowra.


Activities and Current Projects:

Kangarooby Catchment Landcare Group has been active for the past 25. Many and varied projects have been undertaken in that time.

Gooloogong is a small but lively community and there are some long term, ongoing activities KCLG is involved with in conjunction with other Community Groups. The Annual Tree Giveaway Day, with trees from the Cowra Shire Council and Planet Ark, includes a school Tree Day activity and over the years a low maintenance native tree and shrub area has been planted at the Gooloogong Public School. The Community Country Club grounds also have extensive plantings including an area direct seeded with locally collected species.

Twice yearly Bird surveys are taken at eight sites around the village with the information uploaded to the Atlas of Living Australian website. With input from local bird experts Landcare members are learning a lot about our wonderful birds including endangered species.

Nest boxes have been installed on some member’s properties and will be monitored into the future. Target species are the threatened Squirrel Glider.

New members welcome.

Contact details: 
Tracee Burke – 0417 799 425 email kangarooby.catchment.landcare@gmail.com

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