Birds, if only they could talk!

As part of Birdweek 2020 the Cowra NRM along with support from Mid Lachlan Landcare, Saving our Superb Parrot and NSW Government, will be hosting an evening on all things Birding 🕊🐦

Join us on Tuesday the 20th October and spend an evening with Warren Chad & Damon Oliver for a light hearted talk about what’s going on with our feathered friends and discover the role you can play through observation and citizen science to make a difference.

Warren is a regular on ABC Central West radio and an avid contributor to Bird Life Australia, his life’s mission is to photograph and observe as many of the world’s birds as possible which all began as kid with a love of being outdoors and in natures splendour.

Dr Damon Oliver has been involved in research and conservation of woodland birds for 30 years. He especially loves the Superb Parrot and gets a thrill every time he sees or hears them. The best part of his job as a threatened species manager with the NSW Government’s Saving Our Species program is working with the many Landcare groups and landholders who share his love of the environment and sustainable agriculture. The Saving Our Superb Parrot project has been a wonderful example of community and Government working together as a team to help a threatened species in rural NSW.

Book your seat ASAP. You don’t want to miss this fantastic evening.

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