Have you seen these Dung Beetles on your farm?

As part of our new Dung Beetle project we have been talking with Bernard Doube of Dung Beetle Solutions International. We are going to focus on a winter active dung beetle that they are trying to get established in this region and we need your help.

These beetles are called Bubas bison and they are pretty amazing. They work during the winter and if you are lucky enough to have them they will bury dung 40-60cm down.  Where this beetle is plentiful they can bury a dung pad in a couple of days. Imagine the benefits these little guys can do for your soil and paddocks!!

How can you help? It would be fantastic if you could check your cattle, horse or soft sheep dung for the below signs of activity.

Snap a picture and then contact us at midlachlanlandcare@gmail.com We can then have a chat about what you can do next to confirm if you do have these particular beetles. Below are a couple of pictures we took of a Bubas bison found near Gooloogong.

Remember these guys are winter active so the time to find them is now. Come spring we can see what other varieties are found around the area.

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