Growing the Grazing Revolution to continue 2020 to 2022

We are excited to let you all know that our regions ‘Growing the Grazing Revolution’ project has received funding from the latest round of the Federal Governments ‘Smart Farms Small Grants’ program. This secures the project for a further 2 years until June 2022.

‘Growing the Grazing Revolution’ began in 2010 with a small group of Mid Lachlan Landcare members who were committed to actively support landholder adoption of sustainable and regenerative grazing management practices.

Since then it has grown to a large group of 120 landholders that belong to one of seven cluster groups and a further 264 landholders that are part of a wider network that receive varying levels of support.

In recent years we have received many enquires from other Landcare groups about setting up a similar project in their regions and have assisted Upper Lachlan Landcare and Boorowa Community Landcare to set up successful grazing groups which is fantastic.

A portion of the funding received is to enable us to build a simple toolkit that we can use with other groups interested in setting up similar projects.

A large part of this projects success and longevity is due to the support, oversight and direction coming from our Growing the Grazing Revolution board. This board contains local practitioners who have shared much of their experience with staff and participants over the last 10 years.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the board plus everyone who has been involved and continues to support this project. The team are so looking forward to seeing what this next 2 years brings.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project or you are part of a Landcare group looking to run a similar project that supports your local landholders please contact: –

Scott Hickman    ph. 0427 450 416             email-

Peter Davis         ph. 0408 643 122             email-

For general enquiries contact


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