Threatened Brown Treecreeper utilises Parrot nest box

We are pretty excited to report that while performing recent nest box monitoring with Kangarooby Catchment Landcare we discovered a Brown Treecreeper nesting with three eggs in one of our purpose built Red Rump Parrot nest boxes.

The Brown Treecreeper is an exciting species to find using a nest box. It is a threatened species and listed as vulnerable in NSW. The population density of this species has been greatly reduced over much of it’s range with major declines in remnant vegetation fragments less than 300Ha. It is found in Eucalypt Woodlands (including Box Gum Grassy Woodlands) Hopefully our current Box gum Grassy Woodland project will also help this species in the future.

Check out their eggs 🙂 They look big in the picture but are only 22.6 by 17.9mm. Eggs take 27 days to hatch so hopefully soon there will be some young in the nest. They prefer to nest in hollows of standing dead or alive trees.


If you would like to find more out about Brown Treecreepers click here  Thanks to Jayden Gunn for letting us use his photograph of a Brown Treecreeper taken around Cowra.

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