What’s in your Backyard?

Recent trips around the farm and in the backyard at Gooloogong have revealed some amazing things that I would not usually take notice of. During this time of social distancing, having the time to wander around, is a great way to reconnect with nature. Even if you only have a small yard you can find something interesting.

Take the featured image for instance. These were coming up in the garden!!! What on earth were they? Animal, vegetable, mineral? No idea!! I managed to then waste plenty of time on google and facebook groups trying to work out what they were. Have you ever seen these?

It turns out these are call Birds Nest fungi  and the fruiting bodies are said to resemble ‘tiny egg-filled birds nests’ Further research revealed that raindrops falling into the cup dislodge the little eggs and send them hurtling away where they stick to a surface and that’s how they spread. Wow!!!

They are not edible for humans and their jobs is to decompose organic matter. They are often found in mulches.

If you’re running out of things to do at home I challenge you to go outside (maybe with the children 🙂 and find something you have never noticed before and see if you can work it out. Mid Lachlan Landcare can help to point you in directions where you might be able to get an identification.

In the meantime check out some of the other things found around here recently.

Some of these I still need to research.

Happy Easter and Happy searching everyone.

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