Field Trip to the Mid Lachlan Landcare district

Mid Lachlan Landcare had the pleasure of hosting a field trip for delegates at the recent NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference held in Orange. The conference theme was “From the Ground Up” and was celebrating the International Year of Soil. MLL’s field trip visited productive farms where solutions to a number of NRM issues are being applied. Our farmers were able to showcase how we can design farms to have multiple on and off site NRM benefits while also producing healthy food and maintaining viable businesses, and how specific techniques and actions are being used to restore ecological function. The field trip also described how MLL is undertaking real capacity building with a range of partners and clients, and included a visit to the internationally renowned Age of Fishes Museum to get up close and personal with local fossils which showed how changes in climate can affect the progress of species.

Huge thanks to our speakers and helpers on the day – Ian Packer, Andrew Wooldridge, Ian Cooley, Scott Hickman, Wendy Bowman, Warren Keedle, Shaley Allen, Casey Proctor and Vanessa Cain.

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