Field Day highlights importance of Grazing Management Principles

Almost 70 landholders attended a recent Grazing Management Field Day held in partnership with South East Local Land Services at Boorowa. Dr. Terry McCosker and David Marsh were our guest speakers at “Allendale”, the Marsh’s family farm.

David spoke passionately about how he changed his management practices towards regenerative agriculture in order to improve on-farm ecosystem health that supports a profitable business and maintains a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. Over many years he has developed his farming techniques by constantly questioning conventional farming practices through observation and critical thinking.

Dr. Terry McCosker, an internationally acclaimed teacher and co-founder of RCS Australia raised a number of topics with the audience but stressed the importance of understanding and implementing Grazing Management Principles including:

  1. Planning, monitoring and managing
  2. Providing adequate rest for plants and pastures
  3. Matching stocking rate to carrying capacity
  4. Managing livestock effectively

Both Terry and David stressed the importance of planning and in particular the use of grazing charts which provide a management tool that assist landholders to make good decisions, remain in control, maintain profitability and manage livestock and ecology.

If you would like more information about the field day or to become involved please email us at


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