Funding Opportunity ‘Save our Superb Parrot’ September 2018

Mid Lachlan Landcare through funding provided by Saving our Species ‘Save our Superb Parrot’ project is running a scattered paddock tree project within our area.

The Mid Lachlan Landcare region is covered in the map above and includes the area coloured blue.

Some of the key threats to the Superb Parrot are the loss of living and dead hollow bearing trees and poor regeneration of nesting trees. This project is providing funding for 500 new scattered paddock trees to be planted across farms.

The aim of this project is to enhance areas of highly cleared landscapes in the Mid Lachlan Landcare region by further developing connectivity through the landscape to improve movement and habitat of the Superb Parrot and other local fauna. This builds upon projects completed in 2016 and 2017 where over 800 new scattered paddock trees have been planted across our region. The trees must be planted within 30m of each other and need to connect remnants i.e. roadside vegetation and an existing mature paddock tree. Advice on tree species to plant, mesh and star posts to protect the young trees, as well as the tubestock will be provided to successful applicants. Construction and installation of the guards plus planting of tube stock is to be completed by the landholder.

Paddock trees across the landscape have a number of benefits for productivity as well as conservation including pest control, salinity management, stock and crop shelter and improved soil structure.

Check out the link below for further information on paddock trees.

You can also watch this short video on paddock trees as well.

If you would like an Expression of Interest form for this project please e-mail All forms must be completed and returned to Mid Lachlan Landcare by 28th September 2018.

Applications for this project are now closed.


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