Improved communication on pest control for landholders

A talented new Pest Animal Control Coordinator has joined Mid Lachlan Landcare. Jayden Gunn, wildlife photographer and writer for Aviarylife Magazine, brings some amazing skills and energy to the Landcare group says MLL Coordinator, Tracee Burke.

“My work over the next year will involve community engagement. I will be communicating with landowners, asking them what pests are out there and how we can work in community groups to tackle current pests or predicted pest problems,’ said Gunn.

‘For example wild dogs are becoming an increasing threat to agriculture in our region.

‘A large part of my life has focused on work as an aviculturalist, legally keeping and breeding threatened and endangered Australian birds including …the Glossy Black Cockatoo and the superb parrot.

‘This has resulted in developing an in depth understanding of the dietary requirements, breeding habits, seasonal movements, behavioral characteristics, conservation status and general taxonomy of the birds,’ he said.

Since leaving school Jayden has focused the majority of his time studying the Australian environment, more particularly the human impact on all of the native species.

Jayden also has a Certificate 3 in Animal Studies from Cowra Tafe and has had local work experience as a Veterinary Assistant and currently works at Cowra Meat Works.

His interest in conservation has led him to develop an interest in identifying environments and wildlife at risk of decline or damage.

“I have had experience in handling all pest animals found in this area as well as other dangerous and deadly animals like venomous snakes and wild boars,” he said.

“I have lived in Cowra since 2004, when I was 8 years old and, in that time, I have explored almost every corner of our region and can confidently say that I know what problems we are facing” Gunn claims.

‘Most of our threats to native wildlife come from cats, foxes, feral dogs as well as the near arrival of the Indian myna which I have seen, on numerous occasions only 50-100km from Cowra,’ he said.

‘The science says that if landowners work together in groups they have more positive outcomes rather than tackling the problem as an individual.

If you have any pest animal problems that you would like to discuss or you would be interested in becoming part of a local pest animal group please contact Jayden on 0474128928 or E-mail


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