Growing the Grazing Revolution Update

What’s been happening in the last couple of month’s for Growing the Grazing Revolution?

In July we hosted another of our ‘Healthy Horses Healthy Landscapes’ workshops at Cargo with 20 people attending. Dr David Searle shared some great information on equine health. Although the weather was a little challenging all participants were able to take part in a paddock walk to inspect some great horse pasture.

Scott and Peter have been busy holding Grazing Cluster meetings at Bowan Park, Walli, Nyrang Creek, Woodstock and Darby’s Falls. Across the 5 Grazing  meetings we had over 35 attendees. The main topics for discussions were :-

1. Revising the past few years…. What worked, what we would do again and what changes, if any, to improve the next dry time.

2. And Now…. How are things looking after the rains and how are people feeling within themselves.

3. Cover cropping and it’s potential benefits for stock feed, multi species introduction and the important benefits for soil biology.

A Zoom meeting was also held at the Cowra Services Club with Terry McCosker for our peer leaders and the local participants of the training we held in Cowra last September. This was an excellent meeting with discussions on:-

  1. Recovering from Drought, repairing landscape, business and people
  2. Lessons learned from the dry period, What should we take forward for the next dry
  3. Boosting post Drought cash flow and ways to prevent excess debt
  4. Ideas on Event management in our landscapes
  5. Carbon link and government schemes
  6. Strategies for boosting soil biology

We are also happy to report that our event in December 2019 with Charlie Massy was included in the ABC ‘s Australian Story – ‘Breaking new Ground’ on Monday 28th September. It’s a great story and if you check it out you might see some familiar faces. Click here for the link to the show on iview. Just scroll down the page to the ‘Breaking new Ground’ story.

Photo’s below from some of the recent events.

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