Sites selected for this round of Box Gum Grassy Woodland projects

The board for our ‘White Box, Yellow Box, Blakely’s Red Gum habitat on farms’ project met in early December to go through the project proposals from this round of our project. We had some great proposals and are really excited about what these landholders will be doing on their farms to help conserve and enhance this woodland. There are 9 on-ground projects included covering an area of about 215ha which is fantastic. Check out the below slideshow for a preview of some sites. The landholders involved this round are undertaking such things as fencing, supplementary planting, weed control, understory corridor planting and implementing strategic grazing that allows for production as well as improved outcomes for their project sites in the long term.

We will soon be looking for sites for the next round of funding. This round will include 6 on-ground projects. If you are interested in finding out more or would like to conserve or enhance Box Gum Grassy Woodland on your farm within the Mid Lachlan Landcare region send us an e-mail to

You can also visit the project summary here for more information.

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