Meet the Board ‘Growing the Grazing Revolution’

It is time to introduce you all to the wonderful volunteer board that guides our ‘Growing the Grazing Revolution’ project. These passionate individuals come together to help make this project what it is and they are a big part of it’s success and continuation over the last 10 years.

We asked them if they would like to answer the following 3 questions about what drives them to volunteer their precious time to this project.

1) What do you enjoy the most about being on the Growing the Grazing Revolution board?

2) What’s the most exciting thing about your farming business?

3) Could you please give us 3 words that describe Mid Lachlan Landcare.

Matt Pearce – Cranbury
  1. Like the group of like minded people with similar farming strategies and to provide input based on experience in regen agriculture.
  2. Seeing the improving ecology of the land.
  3. Passionate, knowledgeable, diverse.
Wendy Bowman – Canowindra
  1. I enjoy working as part of a team because as a farmer you are often working alone.
  2. The most exciting thing about my farming business is seeing ecosystem functions happening right in front of you
  3. Passionate, committed, innovative.

Gus Hickman – Woodstock
  1. I enjoy my input to the board & being able to support it with decision making for continued benefit of the community. 
  2. Developing ways to continue to run a profitable business while working in sync with the landscape. The potential to continue to increase the biodiversity and health of the land.
  3. Supportive, innovative, collaborative

Ross Skene – Canowindra
  1. As I am the oldest member on the board I enjoy the progressive input and enthusiastic ideas that are generated by my fellow board members.
  2. The ease of the operation and the improvement I see in the sustainability of our property in good and bad seasons. This at my age (77) has allowed me to stay on the land and pursue other off farm income producing ventures as well as having quality time with family and friends.
  3. Enthusiastic, progressive, dedicated.

David Marsh – Boorowa
  1. I love being on the board of GGR because of the open mindedness of everyone who is part of it.
  2. Watching native warm season perennials spreading across our farm from 1 hectare max. in 1999, to big areas all over in just ten years.
  3. Committed to change.

Andrew Wooldridge – Canowindra
  1. Learning heaps – from applied discussions with other people who have interest and expertise with profitable land management businesses that are based on healthy ecology.
  2. This year seeing a huge increase in variety and extent of native pasture species. Also meeting people who are interested in the link between human health, healthy food, healthy animal practices and healthy landscapes.
  3. Action, network, community.

Sharryn Lewis – Woodstock
  1. Collaboration with like minded people. Being only new to the board I am learning so much from those who have a huge amount of knowledge and experience and are so willing to share it.
  2. That we have 3 generations of our family who have input into decisions made. Seeing the changes and improvements that have not only happened to our soil and pasture but also our stock since we have moved to an improved grazing system.
  3. Engaging, proactive, collaborative.

Lachlan Davis – Cargo
  1. I enjoy being on the board because you get to work with and learn from like minded people facing the same challenges and events that we are. Its a great opportunity to learn from a bank of experience from the fellow members.
  2. The most exciting thing about our business is seeing how much of a positive impact we can make and how drastically you can improve any grazing enterprise through simple grazing management principles. It’s a win, win, win. A win for the country, a win for the animals and a win for us.
  3. Team, education, improvement.

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