Request for people to undertake Superb Parrot Surveys

Love is in the air for our beloved Superb Parrots at this time of year and we really need your help to undertake surveys in the region. It’s easy to survey for Superb Parrots if you a already familiar with this bird and it’s call. If you are not familiar we can help you. We really, really need your help to undertake surveys in the region. It adds to data already collected and in the future will help us better understand this beautiful bird.

Due to COVID many of the Saving our Species staff are unable to head out and about to survey as they usually would at this time of year. This is where we as citizen scientists can help 🙂 It is also a great way to spend some time outdoors.

There are a couple of survey types you can do and Tracee is happy to send you all the details and talk you through your first survey.

So please contact us at to find out how you can become involved. Below are a few more gorgeous pictures all taken by the wonderful Phillip Weyers. These should get you inspired to survey 😉

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