Spring 2021 Conimbla National Park explorations

What a magnificent season to get out and explore your local area. I’ve been getting out around Conimbla NP as much as I can and so has Ruth Workman from Kangarooby Catchment Landcare. We even got to do a bit of exploring with Noel and Dennis from the Weddin Community Native Nursery recently.

A few plants we have found and have fallen in love….

Look at the height of these Flannel Flowers (Actinotus helianthi) They were only just coming out but it would be a picture up there now. In the Park Management Plan they note that Flannel Flowers are rare in the Central Western Slopes region of NSW so it’s pretty special they can be found up there.

This beautiful Boronia just absolutely covered in flowers. We noticed the purple/pink colour in the bush while driving through and then had to stop to go and investigate what it was. It is apparently Sandstone Boronia (Boronia glabra). It smells divine as well.

This is Crimson Grevillea (Grevillea polybractea) I have not had the pleasure of seeing it yet and will have to wait until next year now but isn’t is stunning!!! There doesn’t seem to be much information about this species and many of the NSW records for it seem to be around and within Conimbla NP. How lovely would this one be in our gardens 🙂 Such an interesing flower shape.

We did find these ones for the first time last year but it’s so worth including them in this post. These are Blue Pincusions (Brunonia australis). According to Weddin Landcare they were pretty common around here in the past but it appears their numbers have been greatly reduced along with a number of species mainly as a result of predation and ground degradation by feral goats, rabbits and pigs. It is really great that we have found a new population of them and we have let Noel from the Weddin Community Native Nursery know.

Last but definately not least is our mysterious Mint Bush (Prostanthera sp.) This year we have found another location of these which is fantastic. After trying to have them ID’d, it is believed these are an undescribed species of Mint Bush which is a bit exciting. We are hoping someone will do some work on them in the future to get them sorted out. The leaves of these smell absolutely gorgeous as well.

We hope this has given you a bit of inspiration to head out and explore your local area this season. You never know what you will find?

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