Summer Update from ‘Birds on Farms’

Gorgeous Turquoise Parrots. Photo credit Chris Bruce

The end of 2021 saw the beginning of the Central NSW Birds on Farms Summer surveys with results that would have any bird enthusiasts ecstatic. Summer saw the return of some of our most spectacular migratory woodland bird species. Dollarbirds, Rainbow Bee-eaters and Sacred Kingfishers contributed awe inspiring colour to our woodland forests and waterways once again and were sighted frequently throughout the survey period. With the consistent rainfall and an explosion of food availability some bird populations have boomed and expanded beyond their typical ranges so keep your eye out for anything unusual and exciting. 2022 began with a sighting of a Spotted Bowerbird at a participating property on the doorstep of the Weddin mountains, scattered flocks of Budgerigars throughout properties in the Central Tablelands and a pair of Brolga nesting in flooded fields near Grenfell. 2022 couldn’t have looked more promising, that was until attending a recent survey on a participating property near Nangar National Park and sighting upwards of 40-50 Turquoise parrots in a single survey site! This sighting inspires hope as we intensify our efforts to support the Turquoise Parrot, Hooded Robin, Brown Treecreeper and all other woodland birds today and well into the future

A high level of enthusiasm was shared among all participating landholders and I was overjoyed to meet so many new people keen to learn about and support our woodland bird species!

If you would like to know more about the Central West Birds on Farms Program check out the link below;

This project is being funded by the NSW Government through a partnership between the Saving our Species program and the Environmental Trust, and by support from the Corella Fund.

Mid Lachlan Landcare would like to thank Jayden Gunn – Central NSW Woodland Bird Coordinator for Birdlife Australia for providing us this update on the project we know many of you are involved with. It’s really very exciting what you are finding on your farms.

A beautiful Hooded Robin. Photo credit Jayden Gunn

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