Glossy Update April 2022

There were a few of us that took part in the first annual Great Glossy Count last month and we surveyed grids in Conimbla NP, just outside Conimbla NP and over at Back Yamma State Park. The aim of the surveys were to look for Glossies and also to look for their feed trees. Unfortunately we did not see any Glossies but we certainly found feed trees in and around Conimbla. There were no feed trees recorded in Back Yamma unfortunately.

Jayden identified that the trash they drop while eating the seed at the sites varied in age from 2 to 4 weeks old. So fantastic to see the Glossies had been there recently. It will be so fantastic to have this data collected across Eastern Australia in their range. Hopefully it will help the birds into the future.

Approx 4 week old seed trash

We have also recently collected some more of the trees that the Weddin Nursery have grown specifically for this project and they are being planted into some of the project sites. I have been told that the trees that went in last year are growing well too which is great news.

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