Eat Local Dinner Event – supporting our sustainable producers

Mid Lachlan Landcare’s inaugural Eat Local dinner event held in Cowra last week was a great success, celebrating and bringing together a local network of sustainable producers that aim to improve their land while keeping their businesses productive and profitable. The Oxley Food and Wine Bar hosted the event, incorporating into their menu locally grown, grass fed lamb and beef.

Guest speakers Andrew Wooldridge and Scott Hickman both provided inspiring talks that highlighted how important it is to value and respect our productive land and environment. Mr Wooldridge is an organic farmer from Canowindra and experienced soil scientist with the Department of Primary Industries. His talk provided a global context, giving the audience insight into how the human race throughout the ages have put continuous pressure on their lands to produce food and fibre often leading to deforestation, land degradation, erosion and an ultimate decline in living standards.

Mr Hickman highlighted the important role regenerative agriculture has to play within our natural environment for the wider community through clean water and healthy soils. He talked about his personal journey in adopting holistic management and the positivity he’s experienced during his facilitation of a local grazing mentoring project called “Growing the Grazing Revolution”, which supports landholders during their transition to improved grazing management.

Mid Lachlan Landcare will continue leading the way in supporting local, sustainable agriculture. “Our aim is to continue delivering “Growing the Grazing Revolution” and help our landholders with any challenges they may meet along the way,” said Vanessa Cain, Support Officer with Mid Lachlan Landcare. “We’d also like to build community awareness so people can make choices about the products they’re purchasing. There’s opportunity here to market a product that’s special not only in terms of its agricultural and environmental benefits but also socially.”

The success of the evening wasn’t only about the great turnout. The positivity in the room was unmistakeable – the perfect combination of a group of passionate and dedicated locals within the relaxed atmosphere of The Oxley.

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