Seed Propagation Underway for Squirrel Glider Conservation Project

After a busy summer of identifying and collecting local seed from Acacia (wattle) and other native shrubs from roadside reserves and Travelling Stock Routes, propagation for the John Holland Squirrel Glider Conservation Project has begun. The seeds from almost twenty species of native plants were collected which were then cleaned and prepared for sowing into forestry tubes and trays.

Once the plants are grown they will be planted at specially selected sites along the non-operational rail line between Cowra and Young to help improve habitat within remnant woodland vegetation by increasing the amount of forage plants for threatened Squirrel Gliders. Squirrel Gliders have a diet of nectar, pollen, insects, manna and Acacia gum, and some studies have found that one of the most important food sources for most months of the year, particularly during winter, is nectar and pollen from flowers of Eucalyptus and Acacia plants, making this portion of the project extremely important in sustaining the local Squirrel Glider population.


One Comment on “Seed Propagation Underway for Squirrel Glider Conservation Project

  1. At JHR we are excited by the collaborations Mid Lachlan Landcare have facilitated between Mid Lachlan-Young Landcare, Kangaroobie Landcare and the Weddin Community Native Nursery. Keep up the great work.


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