Mid Lachlan Landcare


Seed collection complete for Glossy Project

Now waiting for seeds to germinate.

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Wrap up of seed collection project

After a summer of searching and collecting seed, we’ve handed it over to ANBG where it will undergo a range of tests.

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Woodland plants targeted for seed collection

Three species of woodland plants have been targeted for seed collection in an effort to better understand germination and dormancy issues

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Squirrel Glider forage plants coming along nicely at community nursery

A number of species of wattles will soon be planted as part of the Squirrel Glider Conservation Project. They play an important role in providing critical food resources, particularly during winter.

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Seed Propagation Underway for Squirrel Glider Conservation Project

Seed collected from local sources is being propagated in order to provide future foraging habitat for Squirrel Gliders as part of the John Holland Country Regional Network Squirrel Glider Conservation Project

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John Holland CRN Partnership Conserving and Improving Squirrel Glider Habitat

Squirrel Gliders Identified Using Remnant Vegetation Along Rail Corridor

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