Squirrel Glider forage plants coming along nicely at community nursery

Seed collected locally for the John Holland Squirrel Glider Conservation Project is germinating and growing nicely at the Weddin Community Native Nursery in Grenfell. Threatened Squirrel Gliders have a varied seasonal diet with wattle plants playing an important role in providing some of their food requirements. Acacia gum is an important winter food source with pollen and arboreal invertebrates, which are attracted to the wattle flowers, providing essential protein.

A key activity to assist in the recovery of Squirrel Gliders is to retain or reinstate food resources, particularly sap-feeding trees and midstorey feed species such as Acacia. This portion of the project has the potential to provide critical foraging habitat by providing plants which are now largely missing from the local landscape not only for Squirrel Gliders but a host of other species which rely on native shrubs for nesting and feeding.

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