Grazing Cluster Meetings Bring Producers Together in South East LLS Region

Grazing Project Officer Scott Hickman highlighted just how important the benefits of group support through networking and information sharing at the recent Grazing Cluster Meetings held at Yass, Boorowa and Crookwell as part of the South East Local Land Services Grazing Management Project. Over three days more than 45 landholders met locally to discuss a range of topics including grazing management and planning, grass assessment, pasture biodiversity, improving soil health and planning for water infrastructure. Livestock management and health were also important with discussions had on pasture and fodder needs, mineral supplements, animal performance and parasite monitoring and control.

The meetings were the first of two planned with each local group, with two large field days also scheduled. The projects aim is to form local groups of producers that can provide encouragement and support to one another during transition to best practice management. Key to the project, is its inclusive nature, bringing people together in a flexible learning environment in order to harness local knowledge and experience.

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