Watering our Wildlife

This summer has not been kind! The ongoing drought and the terrible fires have caused extensive damage across the state. Many of us are on water restrictions and don’t even have green garden spaces that can provide some refuge for our wildlife.

I have been putting out water in 2 pedestal birds baths in our garden and they are constantly used. One is outside my home office window. In previous years I have been distracted while trying to work by Eastern Rosella’s bathing, little Friarbirds frolicking and Apostlebirds all trying to fit on the birdbath at once. This summer that birdbath has been taken over by thirsty bees. They too need the water and I am more than happy for them to utilise this water source.

So it was time to put out another bird bath. There is plenty of information about the benefits of baths at different levels so I placed a ground level bath out and installed a camera to see how long it would take to get new visitors. They found the water the same day.  The most exciting being a Diamond Firetail. I hadn’t seen them at any of the other baths in the last year. Wow!! The next day there were six of them. The first one had obviously told his mates.

It doesn’t take long to put out water for wildlife and it is wonderful to see the birds using these important resources. Please think about doing this at your place.

Diamond Firetails taking a bath. These are a threatened species in NSW.

Another threatened species. Dusky Woodswallow with it’s youngster 🙂

This Eastern Rosella was in the bath for ages. I have a whole sequence. It looks a bit wet in this video!

Couldn’t believe my luck with this picture. Dusky Woodswallow enjoying the birdbath with the Diamond Firetails.

Below is a Striped Honeyeater with a Noisy Miner coming in to check out the bath as well.

All these captures were taken over only 3 days and there were so many other species coming in to drink as well. Just amazing how fast the birdbath was discovered by such a huge variety of birds.

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