Squirrel Glider Nest Box Monitoring -Cargo NSW

On Friday 10th January Mid Lachlan Landcare monitored 4 nest boxes that have been installed on a farm in Cargo NSW. The boxes have been up for a couple of years now and this farm is where we held our Squirrel Glider Spotlighting night in 2018 with Australian National University’s ‘Sustainable Farms’ project.

Very happy to report that 2 out of the 4 boxes were occupied 🙂

The remaining boxes had leaf nests which means they are still being used. The pictures are taken from a long camera and it’s done very carefully so as not to disturb the gliders. It is very hard to get a good picture!!

Peter monitoring

The dam these Gliders would use for water in this paddock is getting very low and muddy on the edges. Peter decided to make one of the vacuum waterers to install in a tree to trial the provision of an alternative water source for this local Squirrel Glider population. Another small way we can help our wildlife at this time. We will try and get a monitoring camera onto this to see if the Gliders use it.


This picture shows a huge mass of fur. Can you guess how many might be in there??

Tree waterer

It is fantastic to see so many of our  local landcare community doing what they can for their wildlife as well as trying to keep their farms running and stock fed during such a difficult time.


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