2021 Community Purchases Outcome

This year we decided to build on the Community mesh purchases we have completed the last few years by including a second height of mesh and also to trial some new biodegradable small tree guards. This was done at the request of many of you and I must say it has been another successful purchasing effort. By purchasing together we are able to buy in bulk and reduce the costs for us all 🙂

The summary for 2021 is :-

  • 14 rolls of 1650 high heavy duty stock proof tree guard mesh which will result in 168 new scattered paddock trees on 8 farms across the region.
  • 35 rolls of 1200 high heavy duty stock proof tree guard mesh which will result in 420 new scattered paddock trees on another 8 farms across the region.
  • 2000 biodegradable tree guards being trialled on 11 farms across the region.

This is such a great result and wonderful to see some new people getting involved in the purchasing and planting of scattered paddock trees across their farms.

A huge thanks goes to Will Johnston (Cargo) and Marion Mitchell (Cowra) for volunteering to be depots for the delivery of the mesh and guards. They then coordinated everyones collection times. It worked so much better this year than other years when we have had to hand load from the office in Cowra!!

A special thanks also to NSW Saving our Species Box Gum Grassy Woodland Habitat on Farm project for providing some funds to further reduce the costs of the mesh this year.

The small biodegradable tree guards seem to be going well. We used 2 bamboo stakes instead of a hardwood stake and reports so far are that everyone is happy with them. They are suppossed to last about 18 months. You can find out more details on them here if you are interested. It worked out a much better price to purchase 2000 of them and deliver to a central depot.

We will try and do this again in 2022 so if you have any other products you think would be good to do a bulk purchase of let us know.

Feel free to send us through photos of your scattered paddock trees. We love them!!!

You can find out more about the importance of scattered paddock trees here. It gives you an idea of why it is so critically important for us to start planting new ones now and every year 🙂

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