Box Gum potential project site visits

Wow, I have been lucky enough to be invited to 12 farms this year and discuss potential projects for this round of funding. They have all been very diverse with some great ideas and projects.

It has been lovely to find new species that I haven’t seen on other farms before. It is also always amazing to see the work people have already undertaken, or been undertaking, over many years to improve their woodland areas or improve connectivity across the landscape.

Did you know that the White Box, Yellow Box, Blakelys Red Gum Woodlands this project is focusing has now been listed as critically endangered since July 2020. Every little thing we can do to help this wonderful woodland survive into the future is just so important.

Below are some pictures from a recent potential project site visit. We found what looks like 5 different orchid species along with mostly native groundcover grasses and forbs. Also a first for me, on a farm around here, was Platylobium formosum (Handsome Flat-pea). What a cool name. It wasn’t in flower yet but I can’t wait to see it when it does come into flower.

It did appear that some of the plants were being nibbled on by native and/or feral herbivore’s and so the landholder has already gone and made some protective cages to cover up some of the orchids and the young Handsome Flat-pea plants to ensure they get to flower 🙂 How great is this!!!

You all insire Mid Lachlan Landcare every day with the things you are doing on your farms to ensure the future survival of such a beautiful and important woodland while striving to be thriving, healthy, profitable farming business’s as well. What amazing people 🙂

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