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Grazing Cluster Meetings Bring Producers Together in South East LLS Region

First South East Local Land Services Grazing Cluster Meetings held with more than 45 local landholders attending

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Squirrel Glider Nest Boxes Will Provide Essential Habitat

Nest boxes have the ability to provide essential habitat for Squirrel Gliders when there’s a shortage of suitable tree hollows. As part of the John Holland Squirrel Glider Conservation Project, thirty nest boxes were recently installed between Cowra and Young

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Seed Propagation Underway for Squirrel Glider Conservation Project

Seed collected from local sources is being propagated in order to provide future foraging habitat for Squirrel Gliders as part of the John Holland Country Regional Network Squirrel Glider Conservation Project

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John Holland CRN Partnership Conserving and Improving Squirrel Glider Habitat

Squirrel Gliders Identified Using Remnant Vegetation Along Rail Corridor

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Squirrel Glider surveys turn up gliders and wildflowers

Spring time surveys for Squirrel Gliders also the perfect time to see woodland wildflowers

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Local site selections for frog surveys

Site selection for frog study Mid Lachlan

Amelia from CSU, has spent the week selecting sites in the mid Lachlan in order to conduct frog surveys this coming spring. For her PhD she is looking at environmental factors that determine occupancy and breeding activity, and her work will help to inform future management activities. She’s looking for a few Creek research project Amelia from CSU, selecting sites in the mid Lachlan to conduct frog surveys
more sites within 30-40 km of Forbes

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